Welcome to our FAQ's page where all of our questions are answered.

1. What does Yebster mean ?

  1. Yebster means to be different, unique, and stand out not to separate from society but to fit in perfectly as yourself.
  2. 2.How long have you been in business ?
  3. We've been in business for 4 years working on the brand while developing fine products with great quality.
  4. 3. Where are you based out of ?
  5. We are based out of New Haven, CT.
  6. 4. What type of products do you sell ?
  7. We design and sale t-shirts, Hoodies , Hats , and etc.
  8. 5. How Long is the shipping for my products ?
  9. The shipping can take from 3- 5 days anywhere in U.S.
  10. 6. Are there Refunds for products  ?
  11. Yes you can return all Items. After 15 days all sales are final  MUST Pay For Shipping !!! 
  12. 7. What is your carrier service ?
  13. We ship and deliver our products with the USPS.
  14. 8. What sizes do your Clothing Products Run ?
  15. All Our clothing  products sizes run from (Small - 5XL).


Each product has a printed  inside tag-less label For size and Branding. But the Tag Color may vary From Silver, Gold , Red ,ETC to create uniqueness for every product.

Shipping May range from  3- 5 Days or 7-9 Days Only when dealing with high Volume Orders.