We are currently moving into retail throughout the State of Connecticut our Clothing in Local retail. In the New Haven area Making it more accessible to the public to pick up feel the quality and make a purchase while online for the national distribution of product. We are working towards faster and more affordable shipping to the customer.

In retail you can find our exclusive one of kind pieces and actually online clothing that we ship out throughout the U.S like Sweatsuits and hoodies.
In retail we sell most times limited shirts or style variation of the product.

I know in my last blog post I spoke about retail and the margins. But it's about distribution and exposure also giving people to feel the quality.

Check out New Heaven Apparel in West Haven , CT we sale our T-shirts and hats there it's cool retail store you walk in a room of elegant color with Many other local brands Like KikFolk, VVS WEAR , and Made In Clothing Brand.

In New Haven, CT check out Th3 Brand shop on whalley "Take Home Everything". They are a new outlet that sale their own merchedise and also local CT brands including our hoodie's and T-shirts.

Yebster Element T-shirt

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