Yebster Accessories 2018

Yebster Accessories 2018

Yebster clothing new products and deals. We are launching the New Years with Fun and creative accessories The first introduction is our Yebster Fox logo Necklace made with recycled wood To Reduce land Field Waste. The design is laser engraved and cut out into Shape then Encrusted with crystals rhinestones Within the eyes, nose and tongue. I love the quality of the necklace you can wear it casual the black beads matchings with anything so I personally wear it  a lot around the city (New Haven). The necklace goes for 20 bucks online with free shipping new designs are coming soon this month the necklace can be brought in different length's of 12" 16" and 18" to fit all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer the Long Drop Necklaces so we added that option for customers. Each necklace is hand made and special to me and the customer wearing it.

yebster clothing necklace

yebster clothing brand wooden necklace


Next is Bracelets hand made by ELLI AMOR A jewelry business based out of New Haven,CT She designs and Sell custom jewelry, bracelets, Earrings and more.She does a lot of charity events and Work with many organizations for breast cancer and Leukemia. I love her Products quality and her mission of doing good and helping the world. The bracelet comes in different designs and colors. We choose to use Grey and Black  for our bracelets it has a plastic clip  for comfort and functionality 100% hand made and Unique.

yebster bracelet

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