"American  independents Yebster Gear"

"American independents Yebster Gear"

Yebster Clothing new designs for january launching with our new designer jackets  and  hoodies. The newest work is our "American independence  Army Jackets" fully printed  on the sleeves with Yebster In American flag colors the layout of the jacket is amazing the 888 own both pockets means 1776 when added up. this is our next step for the brand  going into Winter Casual Wear. With Hoodie designs  the design is hot many people asking when it's dropping we are not sure yet we want to sell it at at decent price multiple pockets zip up jacket inside lining with 2 inner Zip pockets to hold phone and other items the Material been testing in Rain and Snow keeping you warm and dry. another produce designer product from Yebster since the varsity Jacket as samples are being made we woking on sourcing and mass Production.


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